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September 08, 2009



Obama is a vacuous windbag, so you're right, there was nothing to fear about him talking to our kids. All we have to fear now is that we have a vacuous windbag as our President during a once-in-a-lifetime economic crisis. Sleep easy, man.


THANK YOU! A rational, mature response. What ever happened to respect for the presidency of the United States? I am appalled, and saddened, by all the people who believe he's sending subversive messages and trying to brainwash our youth. What? You don't have to agree with his politics, but respect the office -- and have faith that he is also thinking about our children and their futures. Thanks Hal for your reasonable take!


I find it very difficult to understand a nation who's children are covered in ease excess, and lacking in academia is complaining about our President taking time out of his busy political schedule to encourage our children to work hard and do their best in school! We have had presidents in our past to address our children without the same personal care and consideration and I never heard any protest. We always preach..."We must support our leaders", "It is a bad thing to speak against those leading the United States of America", "We are one nation under God"! Why do these same rules not apply for our current leadership? America, could it be the same old shananagan: "I don't like the color of his skin so I will make everything he says and does bad and he will seem invalid...uneffective...unlearned...
etc and others will question his ability to lead our nation? God forbid! I am not saying we need to agree with everything our President does, but I am saying GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE! Speaking to and encouraging our children to do something positive and noble is good. And for all of you who are dealing with this underlined disease of "racism" and can't see any good the President is doing because of the color of his skin....Shame on You and I'll be praying for your deliverance.

Kim Richardson

Disappointed to hear you are protesting the healthcare reforms, Hal.
Other than that, love your Screamfree ideas. I refer your book to therapy and coaching clients all the time.

Tony Twomey

Actually Hal, I'm looking forward to your post on Obama's healthcare reform. His speech to school kids was certainly safe enough but his half-truth-laced speech last night to the joint session was quite a defining moment for a president who has staked his legacy on such radically leftist reform. I think America is already exhausted by Obama's political class arrogance (and Republicans are certainly tired of his not-so-subtle jibes and admonitions) and it doesn't matter how sweetly he says it, he's pretty much, as Congressman Joe Wilson so un-sweetly put it in his British Parliament style outburst, a liar. I doubt the chorus will reach the spine-numbing screech that we heard from Democrats during Bush's presidency but it's time to call Obama out.

Here's a point-by-point analysis focusing on the myriad untruths throughout his speech.

Roger Butner

You calm, level-headed maniac! Glad to see you've decided to re-join the blogosphere, Hal. I'll be doing what I can to send folks your way. Any updates on "ScreamFree Marriage?"

Sam Spade

It is patently obvious that rational repubs and dems would agree with a work hard,stay in school message from the president. The reason people are in an uproar is that they see a slick, manipulation of information going on at very high levels. And the ones who are awake enough to recognize it do not want it slipped over onto their children like a Coco Puffs commercial between cartoons. I am obligated to support the office of the President only to the extent that he supports the tenets of the American Constitution and Bill of Rights, and many people do not believe that current policy proposals and administrative actions do that. Who cares what color he is? That is irrelevant. Why are the same people who called Bush a Nazi (and, no, I didn't like him, either) offended by people who call Obama a Socialist liar? Where was the call for respect then? I have never seen America so polarized, and the result of this level of perceived threat is always paranoia, panic, misunderstanding, fear-mongering - and ultimately attacks on each other. It's a sad state we are in.......

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