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March 07, 2007


Gini Thomas

I know God has led me to this subject. I was raised by a screamer and am a screamer. My daughter is sick of it and so am I. Life is hard and when others notice it on my face it is time to do something about it. I have downloaded the first chapter. Thank you for your honesty


This doesn't deal with children, but I understand you are a marriage counselor as well. My question: if you give marriage counseling to a woman and then exploit her trust in you to your own sexual advantage (I know you wouldn't - but some counselors prey on their clients' vulnerability for their own gain) then would you call that an "affair?" I don't think it can be called that because the client places their trust in you, and puts her life in your hands. It seems imbalanced and she doesn't have the same power over him that he has over her. It almost seems like abuse.

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